Travel light, enjoy each sight & know your river


On a river cruise we pass many interesting sights and have many questions: What is the name of this town? How many people live in this town? When will we reach the next lock? How high is this lock? What is the name of this castle? When was this castle built? When will we reach the next port of call? 

River mApp has the answer to all your questions. 

Follow our real-time, interactive river map and tap on the "Points of Interest" icon and a pop-up link will appear which indicates exactly the town, castle, statue, lock, power station, bridge or historical monument you are passing. Tap on the web link and you are automatically directed to the information page of the sight you are admiring. 

Our beautifully designed Apps make sure that you always know where you are, what you are looking at and where your cruise ship is heading. Thanks to our Apps your dream cruise will be even more enjoyable!

Travel light, enjoy each sight & know your river! 

We wish you a wonderful cruise! 

The River mApp Team



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It is good to see that our app is appreciated by our users! Thank you for trusting our product!

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